Zhengtai And Brazilian Developers Sign 80MW Pv Modules Supply Contract.

- Jan 10, 2018-

The company has announced a supply agreement with a Brazilian developer that will provide 80MW high-efficiency polycrystalline photovoltaic modules to its plants in 2018. The project is located in Aquiraz, Brazil, in the state of Ceara.


Brazil has rich resources of sunshine, at the same time, the government is also actively promote the development of solar power projects, planning between 2015 to 2024, an increase of 67 gw pv installed, will again on the basis of the existing total power capacity increase of 48%, this for a number of photovoltaic enterprise has provided a broad space for development.


"We are following the national One Belt And One Road strategy and are more focused on emerging markets around the world.South America, Brazil is our development focus of the market, the partners in the field of plant development with abundant experience and has a very professional team, after on for domestic suppliers, fully affirmed the chint ability and strength, the final choice to cooperate with us.We will actively build a long-term and strategic partnership with our customers."Zhengtai new energy CEO Dr. Lu chuan commented.