15+ years industry experience

PLB was found by a group of engineering in lithium ion cells more than 15 years, set cells & PACK two core sections and cells ,BMS & PACK three R&D centers,100% owned A grade cells technique, battery pack patented design and battery management technology.

High quality lithium-ion cell R&D center

Engineers from like industries bringing professional solutions on cells with various  successful project experience. Various background from an R&D and quality control perspective, which all had much respect in the industry. Main specialty was 18650/26650 LiFePO4 & NiCoMn power battery system, R & D and production procedure design. Our R & D equipment is state of the art with high precision battery technique analytical instrument and self development software. This enables us to build cell design so that effectively to solve cell capacity, core construction, pole piece dimension, ring installing difficult issue. In conclusion allowing us to conduct DOE experiment designs to optimize product configuration. PLB cell R&D center possess an excellent pilot run test line and inspection equipment. The integrity of cell test and evaluation ability, 100% to ensure PLB product security and reliability.


BMS & PACK application program R&D center

Our Team approach applies experts from industry listed companies, with more than 10 years working experience in EVs, passenger car, logistic truck projects. In addition this vast experience is present innovations in thermal management, current field management, and structural strength design.

The BMS & PACK research and development center cooperated with the  Dr. Chen Zheng Laboratory of Michigan University  USA, and other international well-known institutions. Through this cooperation it realized developments in high safety, practical BMS systems, active and passive equalization techniques, battery state online estimation, and security strategy.  Resulting in performance parameters approaching the limits of current industry capabilities as well as the industrial benchmark.


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