48V 50Ah Li Ion Battery Pack Home Energy Storage Parallel Connection

This battery supports to be connected in parallel to use for home energy storage
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Product Details

ESS-Back UPS Battery Pack

Considering the rack UPS safety,reliability and energy efficient,the reasonable layout and efficiently use of the engine room area, without worrying the floor load, the UPS from PLB reduces business data center construction costs and operating costs according to the demand deployment.

Product Feature Description:

  • Utilized special power auto battery ,which is durable and charging & discharging cycles ≥2000times.

  • Industry leading PACK process patent portfolio to ensure the combination stability and security.

  • To facilitate battery module disassembly, battery module packed with ABS board, the upper & bottom side and flank with EVA to improve the battery block anti-shock, puncture resistance.

  • Battery Management System in accordance with the power auto level BMS with battery system voltage measurement, over- charging/discharging protection, high temperature protection, low temperature alarm, SOC detection, etc.

Battery Pack General Parameters

1Battery Cell26650 3.3AhLiFePO4 Cell
2Combination15S15P 48V 50Ah


4Nominal Capacity50Ah

5Max. Continuous Discharge Current/

6Max. Charge Voltage/

7Discharge Cut-off Voltage/

8Standard Charge Current50A

9Max. Continuous Charge Current/


11Charge Method (CC/CV)DC Charge

12Weight (Approx.)20±1Kgs

13Protection GradeIP45

14Cycle Life2000≥80% CapacityCharge@0.5C / Discharge @1C
15Thermal ManagementNatural cooling

16Cell Block CombinationVoltage:≤2mV
Capacity: ≤30mAH
PLB internal standards
17Charging Operation Temp.(℃)0~45Temp. under 0℃ heating via PTC and over 0℃ to charge
18Discharging Operation Temp.(℃)-10~40


20Outside Dimension/

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  • Military specification with auto. Grade material.

  • Long life span with low resistant and self-discharge.

  • Optimum design with light packing.

  • Customized configuration are accepted.

  • OEM & ODM orders are welcome.

PLB factory

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